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Business Case Template and Guidebook

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Our free business case template and accompanying guidebook will help you to create a solid foundation for the development of your product or service, covering all the elements that will make it a success.

You can also use the template to feed into your pitch decks, grant applications, tender and procurement processes, sales and marketing.

How to use the template - quick guide

Watch this short video for an overview of how to use the template and a guidebook. 

If you'd like any help in filling in the template, or you've identified some gaps in your knowledge that require design research, book in a free business case clinic session and we'll be happy to help. 

How to use the template - deep dive

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Watch our recent webinar for step by step guidance on how to use the template to create a convincing business case using digital innovation in healthcare as a real world example.

Read more about building a business case for successful digital innovation in healthcare.