Set yourself up for success

Design research will save you time, money and effort by allowing you to make design decisions based on a real understanding of your users and your market

Explore and de-risk your ideas

Design research gives you a low-risk way to explore and validate new ideas, allowing you to understand whether an idea has potential before time and money are spent on development. 

Group of people sitting in a circle. On person is talking and holding papers.


Key methods:

  • User interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Market and competitor analysis


How could design research uncover vital insights about your users?

Test and improve your design

Testing a prototype, minimum viable product (MVP) or functioning product allows you to understand your users' needs, identify and fix design issues and uncover new opportunities.

People looking down at the desk with laptop, papers and plans discussing a project.


Key methods:

  • Moderated user testing
  • Think aloud/cognitive walkthrough
  • Critical incident technique
  • Synthesis/ideation workshops


How could design research help shape your design?

Grow your business

Research stimulates growth by identifying new market opportunities and by providing the evidence you need to attract funding and investment. 

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Key methods:

  • Market analysis and mapping
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Business case development
  • Pitch deck/funding application support


How could design research secure your success?

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