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Welcome to Nightingale Design Research

We are a research partner that gives you evidence-based recommendations to put you ahead of the competition.

Don't be lucky, be smart

Designing successful products and services involves a huge amount of decision-making. Our rigorous, bespoke design research ensures that your decisions are based on knowledge, insights and evidence rather than on chance and guesswork.

Whether you're creating new products and services, updating existing systems or looking for new avenues for growth, our research enables you to seize opportunities, minimise risks and move forward with confidence. 


of new products fail due to lack of market need
(source: Forbes Magazine)

Collaborative, supportive, responsive

Nightingale Team Photo, Frances Brown, Michael Brown and Jo Pudney

Our team combines a background in academia with a wide range of industry experience to provide high-quality research and relevant, practical recommendations.

We build strong client relationships based on honesty and candour, challenging you and your company to strive for greater success. 

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