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In May 2020, Fowlam became Nightingale Design Research. While we're working on our new website you can keep in touch by registering for updates below or connecting with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

We are a research partner that gives you evidence-based recommendations to put you ahead of the competition.

Design Research workshop

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To celebrate our rebrand, we ran a free workshop on Tuesday 12th May:
Design Research: The secret weapon in the fight for customers

If you would like a recording of the workshop, give us your email address below and we will send you the link.

Design research, which delves into the lives, attitudes and behaviours of your users, can reveal the key ingredients for success by highlighting those never-seen-before products and features that tap into a real customer need.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  1. The purpose of design research
  2. How to plan and implement a great research project
  3. How to analyse and interpret design research
  4. How to put your research results into action

This session is for you if you're in development, design, product or UX and would like to start developing skills that will improve all aspects of your practice.


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