The benefits of design research

Explore how design research is applied across different industries, products and services

Finding the right name for a new NHS App feature

A hand holding cellphone. There is a QR code on the screen.
Healthcare | Public Sector

The NHS developed a new feature for their App that allowed patients to share their details via a QR code. We interviewed receptionists and NHS App users and carried out co-design sessions to come up with a suitable name for the feature.

This research allowed the NHS to understand users' reaction to the feature as well as identify a name that made sense to them. 

Developing a solution to ease the stress of EV charging

A person plugging charger into an electric vehicle while looking at the cellphone.
Transport | Startups

Startup Accelogress secured Innovate UK funding to develop a solution that would allow EV drivers to reserve charge points.

We interviewed EV owners, non-EV owners and industry experts, then carried out a survey of drivers to get an in-depth understanding of the charging landscape.

Our research fed directly into the design of the product, ensuring that it made charging simpler, easier and more reliable. 

Designing successful products for younger users

A child building with Lego.
Children | Private Sector

Nightingale’s team are specialists in researching with children. We have worked with a range of companies, including LEGO and MyTutor, to provide research that is tailored to the needs of different age groups. Through a flexible approach, we adapt to the needs of young research participants, generating clear, actionable insights that feed into successful designs.

Developing tailored analytics for food retail

Two people working at a coffee shop.
Retail | Startup

Startup Store Performance secured Innovate UK funding to develop data and analytics software to support the success of food retailers.

We carried out interviews with target users to understand their needs and to map the market.

This research allowed Store Performance to create a compelling value proposition and secure their first customers.

Understanding public sector recruitment challenges

A group of people looking at a blueprint or a plan. They are smiling.
Social Enterprise | Public Sector

Social enterprise Public Practice wanted to gather an accurate understanding of the skills needed and the recruitment challenges faced by local government officers. We designed a survey that would achieve a high response rate while giving all the data they needed.

The first survey, in 2022, was so successful that we were asked to run it again in 2023 and plans are already in place for the 2024 survey. 

Putting startups on the path to success

Path leading up a hillside
Startups | Innovation

Startup success is built on the ability to nurture a great idea and grow it into a viable business.

By providing training, advice and research, Nightingale has supported startups in a range of industries through the complex process of turning a concept into a successful, desirable product or service, with a clear target market, messaging, business plan and roadmap.

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