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Our highly experienced team will use their knowledge of a wide range of industries to inspire, guide and challenge you.

Frances Brown

Chief Executive Officer

I’m a psychologist with a background in academic research and education.

I'll work closely with you and your team to understand exactly what you want to achieve and I will use my experience to provide a research plan that supports your goals. I'll provide advice and feedback to maximise the success of your project. 


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Michael Brown

Chief Research Officer

I am a researcher with twenty years experience exploring human computer integrations.  

I can help you get an in-depth understanding of your users through a combination of research methods and expert knowledge.  My passion is designing practical and effective research projects to ensure innovation has a real world impact.


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Jo Pudney

Head of Operations

I’m a Prince 2 and Agile Project Management qualified Practitioner.

As Head of Operations, I'll make sure your project runs efficiently and delivers exactly what you need. I'll turn your research requirements into effective plans and ensure our researchers have all the resources they need to give you the highest quality results.


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Inna Schutts

Research Administrator

I'm a research administrator with a multilingual background and experience in a variety of industries including tourism, architecture, retail, education as well as art and culture. I love to work as a team and see a project through from start to finish. 

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Working with us

You can expect us to build a working relationship based on honesty and candour, challenging you and your company to strive for greater success.

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Frances and Michael are like a couple of delicious rib-eye steaks: seasoned, quick, and the best you can get.

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