Webinar: Making smarter decisions in product design

Thursday 12th November 12:00-1:00pm GMT


In this webinar, we will explore how research can set a solid foundation for a design project, supporting a decision-making process that is based on evidence and understanding rather than assumptions and guesswork.

We will discuss how research feeds into all aspects of design decision-making, beginning with the process of finding and choosing the right idea all the way through the development process and beyond.

The focus will be on giving you a practical understanding of how you can use research effectively to ensure that you develop great products.

You will find this webinar useful if you are involved in any aspect of product design whether you are a designer, developer or decision maker.

There will be a 40 minute talk by our CEO Frances Brown followed by an opportunity to have a discussion with fellow attendees and ask questions.

There are a limited number of places at our free webinar so do book early.

If you have any questions about the webinar please contact us.


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