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Understand the role of research

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When you have a great idea for a new product or service it can be tricky and time consuming to figure out how to make that idea a success. 

Use our quick, free diagnostic tool to determine what type of research you need to transform your idea into something that your users love. 

Build your business case

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To attract investment or funding you need to demonstrate how and why your solution will meet a particular need.

A business case is a structured way to organise the information required to make decisions about your product or service. 

Use our free business case template to ensure you've considered all the essentials and create a strong business case. 

Plan your research

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To maximise the value of your research you need a detailed and specific plan. 

Figuring out all the things you need to consider can be a complicated task.

Simplify the process by using our research planning canvas to create a robust plan that covers all the elements you need. 

Speak to the right people

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An essential element of designing successful products and services is gathering data from users or potential users - using research methods like interviews or focus groups.

Researching with the right people will give you essential insights - but finding high quality participants can be a challenge.

Use our step by step guide to help you select participants that fit your research requirements and get great results.   

Develop your design research skills

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Design research shapes your tech products and services by helping you understand your users, your market and your competitors.

Watch our webinars to learn how design research works in practice, upskill yourself in research methods, and supercharge your success.

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