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Growing a business can be a risky process - to be successful, strong, confident decision-making is required. Research ensures that your decisions are based on up-to-date knowledge of the various key factors that may help or hinder your growth, helping you to avoid mistakes and identify untapped opportunities.

Any type of research you carry out, to explore innovative ideas, or to iterate and improve on designs, will contribute to the success of your business. You can also use our research skill to understand the wider market and ecosystem in which your business operates, to identify opportunities to expand, reach new audiences, become more profitable and attract new funding and investment. 

From our research you will get:

  • A detailed understanding of your market(s) and any market(s) you could potentially capture

  • Insight into opportunities for growth and the cost/benefit of those opportunities

  • Evidence to build a strong business case for expanding into new markets

  • Material to create convincing pitch decks and applications to attract funding and investment

  • The opportunity to review, test and update your business plan based on new information

We use a range of methods to give you insights that are as comprehensive and valuable as possible, including:

Market analysis and mapping

Markets can shift rapidly, particularly in the tech world. Understanding the structure of the market you’re working in, including your competitors and potential partners, allows you to identify risks and opportunities and plan for any upcoming changes or challenges.

We will work with you to identify the key market areas that you need to explore and carry out detailed research to give you real insight into the future of your product and your business.

Cost/benefit analysis

Analysing the costs and benefits of particular decisions will allow you to identify the right way forward for your business. Using an understanding of your company, your product and your market, we will help you to understand the various risks and costs involved in, for example, moving into a new market, as well as the potential opportunities and benefits for your business. 

We look at all relevant factors, including regulations, environmental considerations, competition, and impact on existing customers to provide detailed recommendations for action.

Business case development

When breaking into new markets or selling into large organisations, it’s vital to build a strong business case, as this details why a particular client or customer needs your product or service. It provides evidence and reassurance to those funding your business - be that customers or investors - that your product or service fulfils a real need in the market, has a strong value proposition and a viable business model.

Download our business case template and guidebook to see how we will work with you to strengthen the value and potential of your business.  

Pitch decks/funding application support

To secure funding, you must provide clear evidence of the potential of your product or service. Our research will help you to build a well-evidenced narrative for the value and benefit of your business, allowing you to convince both investors and funding bodies to provide the cash you need to take your business to the next level.

Want to know more? Download a guide to typical timings and costs

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